Computers are efficient because they never stop to ask why.  They look at their next instruction and simply run it.  If something fails miserably, then it stops, but otherwise it moves on to it’s next task not worrying about the tasks ahead or behind.

While I never recommend that level of efficiency for us humans – asking why is one of the things that makes us human – but there is something we can learn from simply getting things done.  I’ve talked about making a task list, but, order your task list once, and when one task is done, start the next one.  Sometimes doing something in a less-than-efficient manner is actually more efficient than questioning every action you’re about to take.

Additionally – once you get in the habit of constantly being in motion, things become easier, resistance gets removed.

The same goes for learning, especially technical things.  “I don’t know where to start” is a great demotivator – so simply start anywhere.  If it’s the wrong place to start, at least you learned something, and when you do find the right place, you’ll have something covered.


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  1. Useful reminder for those still muddling through filling out tax forms. I got stuck at one point myself and chose to move forward and come back if needed – and I didn’t need to revisit the section, which greatly increased my can-do attitude. Mission accomplished! Also taking this post as a reminder to resist urge to create new to-do lists constantly, transferring over unfinished items to a “clean” sheet with more tasks. Trying to stick with one list until it is done. Experiment in perseverance and procrastination avoidance.

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