I’m living my dreams – How can I help you live yours?

It has been more than a year since my last Zen of Technology, and I feel like it is time for a return – but with a twist.  I ended ZoT because I wasn’t sure I had more to say, but with all this time to think, I feel I finally have something again to contribute.

I didn’t realize it at first – but I do now – I’m living the dream.  I have a family that loves me, and that I love.  I have a job I enjoy, a garden, friends, and hobbies.  But, for a time, I felt like I needed something more.  I wrote an interesting piece on Medium – From Guru to Just Some Guy – detailing that journey.  What finally gelled with me was that all the crazy ideas and dreams I had all pointed towards one thing – I wanted to help other people.

So, I’ve decided to cut a bunch of steps out of my game plan and live the dream – I want to help people.  And who better to start with than people who have subscribed to learn more and better themselves.

I’ll be reviving this email list, with weekly tidbits of information on how to live your dreams and be happy.  But I’m not stopping there.  I want you to share with me your dreams, and I want to personally help you live those dreams.  The only thing I ask in return is that you live your life with the principles of being good to others (sorry, I won’t help you conquer the world 🙂 ).  So please, share your dreams and lets get there together.


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