Often times we are faced with opportunities that we decline simply because they don’t fit into our current workflow.  You’ve perfected your processes over the past few years – so anything that requires a change to those processes must not be that great.  Sound logic, but not always true.  Over time, you’ve honed your processes to the tools you have at hand.  When new tools or opportunities present themselves, it is important to rethink your workflow given the new tools.  While not every opportunity or new tool can have a net benefit, passing on a good opportunity can come at a severe cost.

Take a few minutes to build a new process – from scratch – using the new knowledge and tools in front of you.  If that workflow is less optimal than your current, toss it, but if it is better, give it a try.


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  1. Nick, I’ve been biting my tongue and then thought “why?” as I am only behaving in keeping with my editor nature. 🙂 The double mms in the misspelled “Becoming” in your website header bother me. Would be a beautiful thing if you would fix it, increasing my enjoyment of your insightful blog. Thanks so much and have a great day,

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